Bibliometric analysis of mental models research in Cognitive Processing

Chilean researchers Arturo Cárdenas-Figueroa (University of Chile) and Alexis Olmedo Navarro (Andrés Bello University) recently published a bibliometric meta-analysis of mental models research in the latest issue of Cognitive Processing. The abstract of their paper is available here:

The Mental Model concept has evolved from being a representation of reality to which we apply formal logic, to a type of logic with which we make decisions, learn, and adapt. This work uses bibliometric indicators to describe research on Mental Models from 1997 to 2017. The results show progressive growth since the late 1990s and a stationary trend starting in 2010. The existing research is dominated by the fields of individual and organizational psychology as well as education. Since 2007, a corpus of research (works that continue or are based on previous work) has been developed around the themes of memory, cognition, interpretation, and Johnson-Laird’s work. In the late 2000s, another possible corpus emerged around team work. It is recommended to develop similar research in specific areas.

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