2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Phil-Johnson-Laird’s landmark book, Mental Models. To honor his achievements and its publication, a meeting at the University College London was held from July 20th-21st, 2023. The details of the meeting are available here.


Dates and times:
July 20th, 8:40 – 16:40
July 21st, 8:40 – 17:30 (prosecco reception and dinner to follow)

Meeting location:
Lecture Theater LG04 (lower ground floor)
(Coffee: 3rd floor cafe)
Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
University College London
26 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AP, UK
Program (pdf)


Book and Film for Phil Johnson-Laird on the 40th Anniversary of Mental Models (pdf, youtube)


“Goodbye to Logic!”, Keynote Address by Phil Johnson-Laird (youtube)


Attendees at the 2023 Meeting in Honor of Phil Johnson-Laird, with Phil at the center of the picture.

The 2023 meeting was organized by Monica Bucciarelli, Sunny Khemlani,  and Marco Ragni. The university liaison at UCL was Professor Peter Fonagy, Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at UCL, who generously provided administrative support, refreshments, and lunches for the meeting.